My name is Erez and I’m the Human behind Humans of Tel Aviv. I love Photography and telling stories.

I studied Journalism and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but I discovered my passion for photography in India on the banks of the Ganga river. For me, India was a place where every moment is a Kodak moment, and so I started taking pictures frantically, learning how to tell an entire story in just one frame.

After finishing my studies I moved to Tel Aviv and to be quite honest, I was a bit shocked for the first two weeks. I had the feeling that I had just stumbled onto the set of a movie, and every character in the city had their own story, attitude, and unique perspective just waiting to be uncovered.

That unbelievable sense of diversity coupled with my own curiosity brought me to wander the streets of Tel Aviv with my camera. In the beginning, I just posted the pictures and stories to my own Facebook account but in 2012 I stumbled upon Humans of New York.

After 24 hours I decided to open my own ‘Humans of’ page, but to give it my own twist. I’ve taken nearly 1,000 portraits and stories and I’ve met the most fascinating Humans Tel Aviv has to offer along the way.

Thanks for visiting Humans of Tel Aviv.
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