In order to spread the word about the vibrant civil society that flourishes in Tel Aviv and Israel, we need your support. Your donations will help us with:

  1. Making awesome content – it takes time to rumble the streets of Tel Aviv and captrure the stories!
  2. Editing texts / graphic designers
  3. Funding an exhibit that will travel globally to share Tel Aviv’s captivating stories
  4. Translating our content into different languages.
  5. Advertising Humans of Tel Aviv on social media – I never spent a dime on advertising and I’ve managed to reach 500,000 people a month. Just think of the impact we can have together with your support.

For donations, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. PayPal
  3. Donate in person


  • Account Title: Erez Kaganovitz
    Account number: 805-  17690/58
    Branch: Bank Leumi, Florentin (Branch No – 805)
    60 Derech Shlomo, Tel Aviv , 6607402
    Beneficiary Email:
    IBAN number: IL80 0108 0500 0000 1769 058

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