Rafi Mehudar

Israel’s drip irrigation pioneer

“The best thing ever that happened to the State of Israel is the fact that we didn’t have anything in abundance–water or petrol. We had to use the ‘Jewish brain’, thinking outside the box to find a solution for our survival. That’s the D.N.A of our #startupnation. When I started working with Netafim, it was me and three other employees; today the company has over 4,000 employees in 150 countries around the world. I’m proud to say that Israeli innovation is helping to feed nearly a billion people per year.”

If you will look back in history you will see that wars broke out over resources such as land and water. I’m happy to say that my Inventions are saving Human lives around the world as we speak.
My inventions save the world tens of billions of gallons of water a year (cutting down on water use by up to 90%) and significantly increase the level of food supply per acre.
My inventions not only save gallons of water but actually save gallons of blood from being spilled over unnecessary wars on resources. It’s Peacekeeping at its Best.”

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