Meet Aharon

Meet Aharon. “I was born to an Ultra-orthodox family in Bnei-Brak. I am the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters. In the age of 15 I concluded I do not believe in god. From that point on my life took a wild turn: I chose a path of a roller coaster. I realized the absolute true does not belong to the ultra-orthodox world and decided I am leaving this world behind me. I did not realize the consequences of that decision. I was 15 years old who knew how to speak Yiddish, basic Hebrew and had no skills what so ever for the outside world. I found myself as an outcast because the world that I came from saw me as a traitor.
I had no home, no family and no support. I started drinking, smoking and doing drugs just to escape myself and the situation I was in. I found myself sleeping on benches and waking up in thinking how can find money for another day in the street. I was on the brink of hell but I managed to pull myself out of it thanks to my fiancĂ©, who I’ll be marrying in a month. Most of my family will come to celebrate with me and I fell it will be some kind of closure. When I come home, I’m the only one from the family who can still kiss or hug my mother. After all, I am still her little boy.”

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