The Project

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”


My name is Erez and I began Humans of Tel Aviv in the spring of 2012.

I believe that knowledge is a great power for change. The first step towards multiculturalism and respect among different Humans is to get a better understanding of the unique culture and values that every different facet of Humanity holds. By telling the life stories of different Humans from different backgrounds, Humans of Tel Aviv is trying to change (even a little) the way we are all seeing one another.

For a long time, I photographed the people of Tel Aviv and simply posted them to my own Facebook wall. Four years ago I stumbled upon “Humans of New York” and immediately thought: why not do the same thing for Tel Aviv? I could show the diversity and vitality of the city’s people and give the world a fresh perspective on Tel Aviv and Israel along the way.

In Humans of Tel Aviv one can find all the ingredients of the melting pot that is Tel Aviv:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians alongside the LGBT community; refugees from Africa who fled to Israel right next to the posh residents  of Rothschild Boulevard.

You can see the fanciest parts of the city as well as the toughest, from old Yafo to the banks of the Yarkon River.  The main idea is to show the city as it is.

With a monthly reach of 500,000 people on social media (with even tens of thousands from the Arab world), Humans of Tel Aviv gives daily glimpses into the lives of total strangers in Tel Aviv.

You are more than welcome to follow and explore Humans of Tel Aviv project.

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