Humans of Tel Aviv project aims to dispell myths about Israelis

Photographer Erez Kagnovitz aims to show the world the faces and stories of real Israelis, and plans on launching a travelling exhibit, which will visit US campuses…

Ynet News, 6-10-15

Humans of … Israel

Inspired by Humans of New York, Israeli photographers have launched similar Facebook pages featuring the people of Safed, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel.

Israel21c, 08-04-13

האיש הקטן ברחוב

מה שהחל לפני כשנה כפרויקט צילום של עוברי אורח בניו יורק הדליק עוד צלמים בעולם, וגם בישראל, שמתעדים את תושבי עירם ומעלים אותם לפייסבוק. יזם הפרויקט ברנדון סטנטון חולק עם כלכליסט סיפורים מאחורי הצילומים: “ניו יורק היא מקום כאוטי. אתה הולך ומשהו לא צפוי מתרחש”

כלכליסט, 29-07-12


Nalaga’at, which means “please touch,” was initially the world’s only theater company exclusively for deaf-blind actors born primarily with Usher’s Syndrome.

Jerusalem Post, Dec 10, 2017

Conniston students get taste of Israel in photographer’s ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ project

“Seeing the immediate response and interest of these students as they learned about the people in the images was phenomenal and powerful,” Eckstein said. “One Muslim student at Conniston told me the exhibit changed the way she saw Israel, and you could tell through the conversation with Erez that many felt the same. That’s powerful.”

The Palm Beach Post, Apr 2, 2019

Move Over, New York: Meet ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’

With ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ Erez Kaganovitz wants to show ‘a different side of Israel; its multiculturalism, diversity, very active civil society and all its complexity’…

Haaretz, 20-12-13

Meet the ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’

“I’m certainly not trying to whitewash Israel; this is reality as I see in it Tel Aviv,” says Erez, “but I want to show that Israel is not only a war zone; we are a vibrant civil society”…

Jewish Agency, 24-2-13

One Photographer’s Quest to Capture the Humans of Tel Aviv, One Snapshot at a Time

Two Black men, Zidan and Abdoul, pose in front of an image of two Africans rendered in graffiti on a cement Tel Aviv wall. “When people think about Africans, they usually have the notion that we are all like the graffiti figures behind us: Spear in one hand and a bone stuck to our head,” the men say. “We hope that, one day people, will see us the way we really are and not in a preconceived way.”…

Tablet, 14-11-17

“News headlines and geographic distance can sometimes make it difficult for Jewish Americans to connect with Israel. But this week on mosaic, meet some of the leaders who are changing that – including Erez Kaganovitz, the founder of the groundbreaking Humans of Tel Aviv project.” (The interview starts at 3:06)

Mosaic 17-3-19

Vibrant ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ Photo Series Struts City’s Multiculti Stuff

Israeli street photographer Erez Kaganovitz is on a one-man vision quest to share what he says is the true face of the city, and country, he loves: Tel Aviv – and Israel…

The Algemeiner, 29-9-14

Turning the Lens Around: The Humans Behind the Camera

When Brandon Stanton’s successful photoblog “Humans of New York” took off in late 2012, it quickly inspired local versions all over the world. From Berlin to Bombay, London to Tel Aviv, photographers started their own “Humans of” photoblogs, celebrating their city’s vibrant life through its people’s stories…

Papercuts, 02-11-14

כנסו כנסו: איפה תראו את הפנים האמיתיות של תל אביב?

יש לו סימפטיה לאנשים שחיים בתל אביב, אז הוא מתעד אותם. הצלם ארז כגנוביץ’ מעלה מדי יום תמונה חדשה לדף הפייסבוק שלו “האנשים של תל אביב”, כדי שבכל העולם יידעו מי גר פה…

NRG, 27-05-13

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