The picture from Egypt

“This picture symbolizes for me what family is all about. It was taken in 1951 in Cairo and it’s a glimpse of the beautiful life we had in Egypt.
My father was born in Romania and my mother in Russia. They met in 1930’s Cairo when they were both escaping the rise of anti-Semitism and Nazism in Europe.
In those days respecting your parents was taken very seriously and I never dreamed of arguing with them, or dating someone without their approval.
Today you have too much freedom. With this freedom comes a greater chance you might lose your way while entertaining the recklessness of youth. The great thing about my parents, was that they knew when to be firm with us, and when to just embrace us in a massive HUG!
For the Human behind this picture go to this link:”I’m probably one of the best examples of Multiculturalism in Tel Aviv.
I speak Hebrew, French, Yiddish, Spanish and Arabic (which I love the most). I was born In Egypt, so I dream in Egyptian Arabic which is a very juicy language. If I have a headache I put Om Koltom (The most famous Egyptian singer) on full volume and her singing makes my headache go away.
I hope that more people in Israel will learn Arabic, because language is a bridge for a better understanding of other Humans. We should all open our minds and learn as many languages as we can.”


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