Meet Azam

Meet Azam.”I’m 52 years old but I tell everyone I’m 44. The 8 missing years I left on the floor of the notorious Tora prison in Cairo. I was charged in espionage for Israel, but the charges where bogus.
The hardest thing was the unhuman treatment I got from the prisoners. You are free falling down the rabbit hall and there is no parachute. The only thing that helped keep my sanity was that I knew Israel would never abandon me, even though I’m Druze. This is thanks to a religious duty in Judaism to bring about the release of a fellow Jew captured or imprisoned unjustly by the authorities.
What was the hardest memory you have from prison?
“I had an Egyptian prisoner friend who was convicted to death. On the morning of the sentencing, he asked to come and say goodbye. He looked at me through the bars and said: “I will never see my family again, but I know you will. I wish I had been Israeli.

After spending 8 years in captivity in the notorious “Tora prison” in Cairo, I know there is no price in the world for freedom. 99.9% of the people reading this post don’t really appreciate the fact that they are FREE. They walk around in the world with the feeling the rat race and the endless strive to survive are turning them into slaves. Don’t go there.
Live your life to the fullest and every morning THANK the fact you don’t wake up on the concrete floor of Tora prison.”


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