“I left ‘Mea Shearim’ (an Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem) six years ago and never looked back. I left that world because I felt there is a huge gap between what the Bible says and the way people interpret it. Instead of Love, I saw hate, discrimination, and violence, all in the name of God.
I left my tribe behind, but I realized that in the real world, you have different tribes as well: Secular, Vegan, Gay, etc…, and you will never be an individual if you keep dancing to the rhythm of the Tribal drum.
In the Ultra-Orthodox world, you need to have the correct Shtreimel, the right wig, and study at the right Yeshiva, while in the secular world, you need to have the newest iPhone, the coolest brands, and the nicest car.
In both worlds, everything is about worshipping something; the difference is only in what you worship. I try to stay away from this worldview and keep both my feet on solid ground.”


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