Meet Eynav, “When I was 12 I fell in love with my next door neighbour. I had a huge crush – every glimpse made my heart beat faster and filled my stomach with butterflies. But SHE never knew how I felt about her. It was very confusing to have these emotions for a girl, so I put them on hold for a very long time.
When I was 15 I met this charming guy that made me fall in love with him. It was puppy love in the most genuine way. He knew all along about my affection for women but he also knew that I loved him deeply. However, after 7 years with him, I realised our relationship couldn’t continue
I remember reading this sentence in a book, “Only dead fish swim with the current,” and I knew that I didn’t want to be a dead fish all my life.
We broke up and I was devastated. He was such a nice guy, but in the long run I did what I had to do.

Tel Aviv is the only place in Israel that I can be the person I am. In Jerusalem (and I say it with tears in my eyes) there is no tolerance for the LGBT community. Follow your heart and if your heart leads you to Tel Aviv, then follow it to Tel Aviv. don’t think too much, just come as fast as you can.”

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