“The truth is, I can’t explain how I’ve gotten to be 100 years old. I’ll just say that it’s a blend of good genes and a quality of life that you just don’t see anymore nowadays.
I’ve always been moderate and exact in life. I didn’t need cigarettes. I didn’t need drugs. I didn’t need to get drunk. And I didn’t need too much sugar.
Because of my moderate ways, I’ve managed to flourish for almost 100¬†years of constant shifts.
Shifts from the analog world, where everything functions in a sluggish manner- to the digital age, where everything moves at the speed of light. From a time where it would take more than two months for a letter to get to New York- I now live in a time where you can get a message to the other side of the world at the push of a button.
I’m surrounded by Facebook, Twitter, and this new thing called Snapchat- that I’ll never understand the point of.
I miss the days when I’d wait two months for a letter from the love of my life. I feel like we’ve lost the passion, the innocence, and the intimacy of interpersonal communication.
sometimes, less is more.”

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